Adam Scott Rote Virtual Exhibition Part One Installations • Single Panels Collaborating with Academy Award Winning Movie Stars and Legendary Musicians

Hyper-realist artist Adam Scott Rote's paintings are always in a state of evolution.
He has earned the distinguished accolade of being the most collaborated fine artist with Academy Award and legendary performers than any living or passed artist in the world.
As he imagines and paints, the work inherently changes. Fine Art that was once available becomes a thing of the past and Art Connoisseurs jump at the opportunity to add to their collection before it is gone.
We only have these currently available Art Installations in the gallery and these will not be replaced. Adam is once again in a collaborative stage with another Legendary performer Film Composer Danny Elfman, stay tuned this fall for first reveals! So if there is one that you love that is currently on our walls, now is the time.
The Original Paintings are co-signed by the respective Hollywood Legends (please feel free to inquire about their availability), from there Adam creates one-of-a-kind Uniques. The installations we have are all unique mixed media paintings and Adam Scott Rote personally hand-carves all of the wood Love, Movie and, Music Reels. It's an extensive process and truly a labor of artistic passion. 
In addition to the hand-crafted artwork, Rote also enjoys incorporating authenticated signatures and memorabilia of the stars he features in his artwork. Along with the images below, you'll see which original signatures accompany each artwork installation.
He has created these statement pieces that are perfect for home theaters and living spaces to feature your favorite Hollywood Movie Stars and Music Legends.
These works are in the gallery and can ship out very quickly. We are offering complimentary crating, shipping, and insurance anywhere in the USA that typically is $600-$1,000. We also offer international shipping.
Look for more reveals as he prepares for The Provocative and Sensual Fine Art Exhibition arriving this August.

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